Truck Accidents

Los Angeles Truck Accidents

California shares the longest truck route in the United States with an average of 3,020 miles. People traveling in smaller vehicles are vulnerable to large commercial trucks. Being hit by a semi will cause either serious injury or possibly a fatality. In 2016, a total of 3,986 people died in large truck accidents. It’s crucial to know what to do in case you’re in an accident involving a commercial truck, especially if you need compensation.

What To Do If You’re Involved In a Truck Accident

Here is what to do if you are hit by a commercial truck:

  • Exchange information such as name, address, car insurance, and drivers license
  • Report the car accident to law enforcement
  • Get the plate number, license of the cab, and the name of the company who hired or owns the truck
  • Collect evidence, such as taking photos of both vehicles

California law requires drivers to report accidents to law enforcement. It is helpful to call law enforcement at the scene of the crash so they can investigate the incident and file a report. The accident report may be invaluable when trying to establish liability.

California Commercial Truck Driving Laws

State and federal laws govern the trucking industry. Title 49 of the code of Federal Regulations lists federal trucking provisions. California has its own department of transportation which enforces intra-state commercial trucking laws.

The California Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Program requires testing and licensing requirements in becoming a professional driver. California and federal law not only require truck drivers to be skilled and licensed, but also impose strict automotive insurance requirements.

Who Could Be Held Liable For Damages in a Truck Accident

Multiple parties are usually involved in semi truck accidents. A professional driver may drive for a private company or be an independent contractor. If a semi driver works independently there is a possibility they could be entirely at-fault.

Manufacturers who build parts for large trucks can also be held liable in truck crashes. For example, a manufacturer may create pulleys that keep equipment secure on the trailer. The truck could also have a defect.

Parties held responsible for damages may include:

  • The driver and employer of the commercial truck
  • Manufacturing company, the government, and other reckless drivers

A truck accident lawyer will investigate the incident and determine who is fault.

Compensation After a Truck Accident

Any damages suffered can be compensated after a truck accident. Damages include:

  • Bodily injury – any medical expenses
  • Property damage- vehicle damage
  • Pain and suffering – physical and emotional pain such as loss of a loved one
  • Loss of wages – time off from work

An experienced truck accident attorney is imperative in making certain that you receive full compensation. Commercial truck lawyers have expert knowledge on the laws that govern the trucking industry and complex truck insurance policy. An attorney specialized in trucking law will provide guidance and compassion in helping you with your truck accident claim. The YMPK Law Group of Los Angeles offers professional legal advice to individuals injured in truck accidents. Contact one of our experienced vehicular accident lawyers today.

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